My Values

1. Don’t focus on your regrets. We are constantly rotating, revolving, expanding and evolving. Even if you turn back you wouldn’t end up where you started.

2.Work together. Eventually every rain drop finds the ocean and the relentless power of the waves results in changes that never seemed possible alone.

3. Focus on finding your own happiness, confidence and passion.
Live one life, appreciate the little things and make every day memorable.

4. Life is made up of many chapters and every chapter is important to the story. Cherish or learn from every chapter and know when to wait, act or forget.

5. The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. The only thing we have to hate is hate itself. The only thing we have to love is love itself.

6. Always be aware of your reasons and intentions. Never lie to or cheat yourself. Be open and adaptable. Be respectful, keep a positive attitude, strong morals and a sense of integrity. Know when to wait, give and receive. Respect your own and others needs. Take action and create opportunities when you can. Organize your thoughts but listen to your heart.

7. Beauty is all around you. It’s up to you to make the most of it

8. Respect the power of commitment, dedication and belief.

9. Go to sleep laughing. Wake up smiling.

10. Don’t hold yourself back. There are plenty of other people to do that.

11. What you do defines who you are and everyday is a chance to change. You owe it to yourself to always do your best.

12.Your love is like the sun. At times it is hidden by darkness or clouds. It can bring warmth and happiness to many people but learn to focus and harness it and you will be capable of incredible things.

13.Find someone that you love and trust. You only need one.

14. Who are you trying to impress yourself or others?

15. Sometimes you have to be a sponge and soak everything up and sometimes you have to be as tough as a brick. Sometimes you have to drop the brick on the sponge and start again.

16. Life is full of surprises. When you are looking for oil you find water and when you are looking for water you find oil.

17. How to fall in love:
Kiss slowly, laugh often, live truly and forgive quickly. Share you life but don’t live one life. Motivate, inspire and teach each other. Follow your heart and trust your intuition. Don’t expect to change each other but be adaptable. Try to be a better person and pay attention to details. Don’t be afraid to show vulnerabilities or lack of knowledge. Show understanding, compassion and forgiveness when merited. Earn her/his trust. Remember we love to love so find the barriers within your self that prevent you from being loved.

18. Nurture the good in people. Judge your life by what you can give not what you can accumulate.

19. Life is full of decisions and hesitations. Both have an impact on your destiny.

20. Cherish your friends. The people you spend the most time are the ones you miss the most when you spend time apart because you start to miss the way they make you feel.


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