Moving Sounds

I would like to start 2013 by sharing this wonderful documentary about my brother’s best friend, Ed Wade-Martins. Ed embarks on a remarkable bike ride from England to Mali in West Africa. As well as raising funds for the Fresh Start Foundation, which supports orphans and other vulnerable children in Gambia, he’s on a mission to bridge cultures with the universal language of music.

UK based Not-For-Profit Community Interest Company, Movingsounds, will offer workshops inspired by Ed’s epic cycle adventure whereby young people will explore their own visions for the future.


Ed’s documentary has been featured on the Visions Channel, which features many inspiring documentaries that aim to make the world a better place.

There were a few things that really stood out for me in this documentary. It can be an incredible experience to travel the world and make new connections but don’t forget the importance of staying connected to those closest to you, especially your family. At times we see how much Ed misses his mum and how lonely traveling can be.

Ed also questions why he is making the journey. Is he trying to prove something to himself? I believe this is an important question we continually face. Are you trying to impress yourself or others? Sometimes we can be torn between a loyalty to ourselves, our family or our duty.

Ed also raises the point that we are living in a very disempowered society. Many people are capable of doing much more than they believe. A New Year is often a time for new hopes, new dreams and new challenges but don’t forget “every human heart beat is a universe of possibilities”. You can make changes at anytime in your life as long as you believe in yourself and believe that you are doing the right thing.

“When the beating of your heart, Echoes the beating of the drums, There is a life about to change, When tomorrow comes.


2 thoughts on “Moving Sounds

  1. Hi, you have a really interesting blog — lots of what you do is close to my heart! I connect with Ed’s trip that you describe here, the idea of helping others and also testing personal limits. That’s pretty well what made me take on the Arthritis Society trek in Iceland last year. Good luck to Ed, and I’m glad you’ve given the cause some publicity.

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