Toronto Street Art Part 5

It was a freezing cold in Toronto today (-11 centigrade, -18 centigrade with wind chill) but it was an incredible day for discovering new Street Art.

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2 thoughts on “Toronto Street Art Part 5

  1. Love this, love this, will now read back through the other 4… (Some of these I’ve seen myself, adds to the fun) I see you have several e.g. of one I call ‘Scree Bunny,” in honour of where I first saw him — on a trestle set in a steep incline of scree, which I had to navigate very carefully in order to claim the photo. Thanks for liking my latest post by the way; it led me to you.

  2. Hello and thanks for visiting my blog! I’m glad you liked it! There is an amazing collection of street art in Toronto and the great thing is it’s constantly changing. I believe your ‘Scree Bunny’ is the work of the artist called Poser but that’s a great name.

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