Evolving Street Art

“Evolution is not about design or will; it is the outcome of constant endeavors made by organisms that want to survive and better themselves. The collective result is intoxicatingly beautiful, rife with oddities, and surpassingly brilliant, yet no agent is in control. Evolution arises from the bottom up – so too does hope.” -Paul Hawken, Blessed Unrest

Wonderful street art animation by BLU

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3 thoughts on “Evolving Street Art

  1. Completelyh amazing. LIke Nick Park (Wallace and Gromit), were he to move on from claymation and get serlously edge… Did I see Buenos Aires on a sign? Is (Are) BLU argentinian?

    • Blu is the pseudonym of an Italian artist who conceals his real identity. He lives in Bologna and has been active in street art since 1999. These short films were made in Buenos Aires.

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