Lessons From My Daughter

Or things I’ve learned since becoming a dad:

  1. Leave behind the worries, stress and emotions from your day and treat her with care and respect.
  2. Listen carefully to what she says, not everything is important but one day it will be. Make your child feel like she has a voice that matters in the world.
  3. Do not doubt the impact that raising a family will have on the world. Social interactions will have knock on effects that can bring profound change.
  4. Invest your time learning, exploring and improving yourself rather than worrying about what other people think and seeking their approval.
  5. Wake up happy, let little things make you happy and go out with a smile on your face
  6. Focus on the present and pay attention to all the little things surrounding you
  7. Show unconditional love and affection
  8. You can depend on the people who love you, one day they will depend on you
  9. Demand what you want and say no like you mean it
  10. Get organized and prepare well
  11. Freedom needs limits, limits need discipline, discipline needs methods, methods need principles.
  12. Laughter is the music of your soul
  13. Every day is a chance to make a new friend even if that friendship only lasts a bus ride
  14. Life is a journey, nobody’s perfect, we make mistakes but it’s how we learn, change and adapt that’s important
  15. Approach life with passion, enthusiasm, determination and an unbreakable belief in yourself

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