Focus on Connections

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What is more important people or relationships? Species or evolution? Planets or gravity? Neurones or synapses?

In an attempt to understand the world or provide answers we are constantly classifying things. We define people based on nationality, race or religion. We have identified over 2 million species of plants, animals and microbes. The body is studied largely as separate organs. Matter can be divided into planets, stars, atoms, protons, neutrons, electrons etc.

Yet everything is connected through forces, actions, consequences, relationships and experiences. Imagine a world where we focused on the connections between everything in the universe rather than dividing and classifying.

How would this impact racism, terrorism, inequality, science medicine and the environment?


United by Soccer

Yesterday’s post highlighted the work of Ed Wade-Martins with Moving Sounds. I would like to follow up today by sharing another remarkable documentary called Pelada.

Away from the bright lights and manicured fields, there’s another side of soccer. In this documentary two players travel to twenty-five countries to discover that people all over the world people share a passion for the beautiful game of soccer. While Ed’s documentary highlighted the potential of music to unite people this documentary shows that soccer is equally powerful.

Several charities are now using the power of soccer to help people all over the world. Kick4Life are using soccer to promote HIV education and testing in Lesotho, southern Africa. is using soccer to promote a sense of community building soccer pitches in Gutemala.

There are many other fabulous charities that use soccer to help people all over the world, I have just highlighted a couple that stand out for me. The book “Eleven: Making Lives Better: 11 Stories of Development Through Football” is a good place to start if you want to find out more.

The soccer ball has even been redesigned to bring electricity to the developing world.

Finally here is another beautiful video demonstrating people’s passion for soccer.

How has the beautiful game of soccer touched your life?

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